Julian Wagstaff, German-English translator, Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Julian J Wagstaff
BA(Hons), MMus, PhD

Professional German-to-English translator and interpreter (Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland/UK)

This is my German to English translation page. I am fast, accurate and offer competitive rates. I provide translation services to clients throughout the UK and beyond.
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Based in Edinburgh (Scotland,UK), I am a professional translator in the German to English language combination with over twenty years' experience across a broad range of subjects, industries and fields. I have enjoyed successful working relationships with many leading companies and translation agencies over the years. With a first class honours degree in German and Politics from Reading University (distinction in written & spoken German) I take great pride in the quality of my translations, and my rates are very reasonable (typically around GBP 75.00 per thousand words). The subjects in which I specialise include (but are not limited to) finance, economics, science, technology, engineering, arts, music, politics and current affairs. I strive to provide a service which is reliable, professional and friendly.

Please note that I only translate from German into English! Please scroll down the page for links to translators from English into German!

Here is a selection of just a few of my past clients and projects:

Ricardo Consulting Engineers
The UK's largest automotive consulting concern. During my very happy association with Ricardo I translated many technical articles and other documentation on a range of automotive research subjects, including texts by and for Mercedes-Benz, Daimler-Chrysler and BMW.

Siemens AG
Working primarily in the Automation and Drives field, I produced sales literature and user documentation for the Siemens range of automation devices, including SIMATIC, PROFIBUS and distributed I/O.

Standard Life
My work for Standard Life was centred around their Phoenix system, which produces life assurance quotations for their German and Austrian business. I wrote and translated user help files for the system, along with system design specifications and business requirements.

Agency Work
In common with most translators, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of subject areas through my work with translation agencies. This has included texts on the finer points of the internal structure of medium density fibreboard(!) and the correspondence between two deceased political philosophers for Manchester University.

Other Work
In recent years I have undertaken a large amount of translation work for the Swiss financial services industry. Recent work has also included the translation of two wildlife photography books by the German photographer and author Fritz Poelking (including "Leopards" published by Evans Mitchell, ISBN 1-901268-12-8) and a short book on the artist Anne Ratkowski (of the pre-war November Group in Berlin) from German into English.

Leopards, translated by Julian Wagstaff Ratkowski art catalogue, translated by Julian Wagstaff

If I am ever unavailable, you might try David Kerr Translations or find a translator on the proz.com website. You can search for translators by language pair and location.

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